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Asian Parsnip Gin Batch Two
Asian Parsnip Gin Batch Two
Asian Parsnip: Navy Strength
Asian Parsnip: Navy Strength

A tiny grain of thought in
the craft still of ambition

Ever since my mother gave me some as a baby, I’ve been fascinated by the taste of gin.

Much later in life, I bought half a pub, and was struck with an idea: what if I created a gin of my own, to serve to the customers? After a few more gins this idea had blossomed into a rabid desire for world domination through gin. And so this tiny grain of thought was dropped into the craft still of ambition, and the result was James Gin.

How did we get here?

International travel at other people’s expense

Two men in boring green anoraks

"A promising recipe can be corrupted simply by slightly overdoing just one botanical, leading to a gin that is too lemony, for example, or not junipery enough."

A long and gin-addled journey

Damp soil and a sparkle of spices

Uniquer than most


And now you can buy James Gin Asian Parsnip, and be amazed.


Some of the words not used on this website:

Deconstructed, Artisanal, Mouthfeel, Crafted, Quaffable, Curated, Authentic, Gutsy, Drenched, Piquant, Succulent, Aviator, Heritage.

Obligatory bonus content

Don't take our word for it...

Just having a @MrJamesMay gin. It's going down rather well. 

Stephen Gow

One word - Triumph! Not usually a big gin fan but this is special.  Very Asian-y and parsnip-y.


It tastes like gin.


Mine arrived yesterday! And a very tasty gin! And one of the few I really night neat.

Alex Harrington

First taste session James Gin Asian Parsnip in the raw botanicals  aroma and warmth in the mouth. We tried four popular mixers the spices really cut through. Yes a nicely crafted gin.


Bloody hell @MrJamesMay, you’ve only gone and done it. That is a good gin. (It would have been really awkward if I didn’t like it). 

Rachael Hogg

James Gin goes down like his driving nice and slow.

Matt Flaherty

James May doing the Lord's work with this. The gin is delicious. 

Alex Harrington

Superb gin I love it and I have tasted a lot.  Your gin is earthy and flavoursome- good job!

Vanessa Partridge