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The story of American Mustard Gin

My gin has proved remarkably popular in America. So we decided it was time to celebrate our special relationship and capture the spirit of America. Watch the story here as we Make America Drunk Again.

American Mustard

American Mustard
American Mustard
American Mustard
American Mustard
American Mustard
American Mustard
American Mustard

American Mustard

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Don’t be fooled by its name, this gin has won multiple awards for its warmth & savoury profile. We’ve combined mustard seeds & gherkins to create something really spectacular. 

American Mustard (or ‘Ramstud’ in America because the authorities were worried you’d put it on your burger) is blended from fresh mustard seed and dill pickles as the perfect accompaniment to every traditional American fast food recipe.

We made this one to reward our loyal American customers & decided to create ‘The Spirit of America’ so that they wouldn’t have to drink gin promoted by a Canadian masquerading as an American.


We’re experimenting with using 100% recycled glass bottles. This means some bottle have a slight green colour. 
But the gin doesn’t. That’s slightly yellow, because of the mustard, obviously.

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A Note from Hugh

James gave me a bottle of squeezy mustard with the challenge of creating something. With mustard front and central, I had to understand how mustard seed could be used within alcohol. As the mustard provided warmth and was light on the tongue, I decided that it needed to be paired with another botanical that no was using, gherkin!
American Mustard Gin

Taste Profile

It is a savoury style gin that is both light and warming. The mustard is balanced by the gherkin and tomato provides a smoothness to the profile. It is unassuming and pleasing on the palette and will surprise a lot of people.

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A simple & classic gin cocktail recipe that is sure to make you feel... relaxed.
American Mustard
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