American Mustard

American Mustard
American Mustard
American Mustard
American Mustard
American Mustard
American Mustard
American Mustard
American Mustard
American Mustard

American Mustard

Premium craft gin developed in a shed in Wiltshire by two men in anoraks.
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“So stunningly good and has the most amazing aroma of any gin I have sampled” Ian F.

Don’t be fooled by its name, this gin has won multiple awards for its warmth & savoury profile. We’ve combined mustard seeds & gherkins to create something really spectacular. 

American Mustard (or ‘Ramstud’ in America because the authorities were worried you’d put it on your burger) is blended from fresh mustard seed and dill pickles as the perfect accompaniment to every traditional American fast food recipe.

We made this one to reward our loyal American customers & decided to create ‘The Spirit of America’ so that they wouldn’t have to drink gin promoted by a Canadian masquerading as an American.


We’re experimenting with using 100% recycled glass bottles. This means some bottle have a slight green colour. 
But the gin doesn’t. That’s slightly yellow, because of the mustard, obviously.

The mustard is front and central and provides warmth while being light on the tongue. We paired it with gherkin to counterbalance the heat by giving a briny note to the finished product.  As a result it’s a savoury style gin that is both light and warming with tomato providing a smoothness to the profile.

Try a refreshing Bloody May. A twist on a Bloody Mary, using gin instead of vodka. 

50ml American Mustard, 150ml quality tomato juice, precisely 3 dashes of your favourite hot sauce and a dribble of pickle juice. 

Potent enough to cure the worst hangovers.

Yellow mustard seed – provides the mustard component of American Mustard.

Gherkin – the oft unacknowledged ally of mustard in enlivening any patty-based portable bread and meat delicacy. Invisible in the gin, so you don’t have to pick it out.

Juniper - Gin must contain juniper or it isn’t gin. In fact, the name ‘gin’ is a shortening of the Dutch word for juniper, ‘jenever’. Not to be confused with ‘Geneva’ which is both a place and a convention but not a drink.

Coriander Seed  - Some people are genetically indisposed towards coriander, and believe it tastes of soap. They’re just weirdos, so it’s in the gin.

Angelica Root  - Angelica Root was also the name of a famous 1920s blues singer from the Mississippi region. Here, it's botanical.

Dried tomato – included not just for its flavour-enhancing properties but so we can have a debate over how to pronounce it.

Liquorice Root  - Seventh son of Anjelica (see above), Liquorice was born blind and therefore became a blues guitarist. His band, The Allsorts, remain unknown beyond the Mississippi Delta.

Orange Peel - Since you ask, the colour was named after the fruit in about 1512.

Cubeb Pepper - In the Chinese Tang dynasty, physicians administered cubeb pepper to restore appetite, cure "demon vapors", darken the hair, and perfume the body. My gin will also do all of these things, possibly. Let us know how you get on and send photographs.

Rosemary – not the mythical riveting factory worker of American WWII recruitment posters, just a herb.

Caraway Seed - Finland supplies about 28% of the world's caraway seed. Also many of the best racing drivers. This is because the word ‘car’ appears in both job descriptions.

Ginger - Although used in traditional medicine and as a dietary supplement, there is no good evidence that consuming ginger or its extracts has any beneficial effect on human health. But just in case it does, it’s in the gin.

Bay – this comes in several forms, such as James and San Francisco. Here it is a leaf, which is easier to fit inside our still.

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"Our 4th gin order from @MrJamesMay included the newest flavor, American Mustard, and I must say…is a cracker. Dare I say, better than the exquisite Asian Parsnip? And since our current temp in The Tundra of Minnesota is minus 4C, was already properly chilled for tasting."

Brian Maas

Our distiller

A Note from Hugh

James gave me a bottle of squeezy mustard with the challenge of creating something. With mustard front and central, I had to understand how mustard seed could be used within alcohol. As the mustard provided warmth and was light on the tongue, I decided that it needed to be paired with another botanical that no was using, gherkin!
American Mustard Gin

Taste Profile

It is a savoury style gin that is both light and warming. The mustard is balanced by the gherkin and tomato provides a smoothness to the profile. It is unassuming and pleasing on the palette and will surprise a lot of people.

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